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Promoting Portuguese Cinema Worldwide

With only one year of existence it can be said that Portugal Film has helped Portuguese cinema travel the world. The previous year has taken us on an incredible journey where film markets, festivals, museums, galleries, and schools were visited by our films.

As we anticipated, the success of an internationalisation plan relies mainly on the concrete ability of promotion agents to make films reach entities such as distributors, festivals and local exhibition networks that will show them to an international audience. Portugal Film has done that, and hence helped independent filmmakers reach wider audiences.

This year we are adding a few more titles to our catalogue, films chosen thoroughly according to their characteristics. We believe that every cinematic work should be promoted by its unique features thus reaching the broadest international audience possible. We also maintain the assumption that every film should be contextualised within the work of its authors: with each film the remaining work of its filmmaker should also be promoted as to highlight a wider artistic path.

Again, like every year, we will invite not only programmers from the most acclaimed international film festivals but also distributors and film critics to visit Lisbon and watch a selection of the latest national productions. At these Lisbon Screenings we will present not only the films in our catalogue (shorts and features, fictions, documentaries, animations and experimental films) but also other works deemed to be relevant and therefore interesting to promote.

Our catalogue from 2016 keeps its size and organisation in a format that invests in steady growth, matching our ability to treat each film with the commitment and attention it deserves. After last year’s first steps, Portugal Film is ready to launch Portuguese cinema worldwide!​


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