Film & Photo Production Portugal

AG Films is a Portuguese - Canadian Film Service Company based in Lisbon working exclusively for international clients. We offer a full range of film, TV and photo production service and support for shooting locales across Portugal.

For over 20 years, AG Films has earned a place as one of the top film service companies in Portugal. We pride ourselves on helping our clients make world class commercial projects. Our friendly and professional producers, technicians and crew deliver a production experience that keeps our clients coming back. We also build friendships, share laughs and our passion for Portuguese culture. Portugal's diversity offers a broad range of shooting locations for any project requirement. With architecture ranging from ancient to modern, Portugal is a great stand-in for just about any country. You can also find lush green forests, rocky coastlines, mountains and sandy beaches just a short drive from Lisbon. Portugal really has it all. We even offer full "Snow FX" services so that we can create "all season" shoots to meet your production need


  • Street: Rua 1º de maio, 101, Ed I, C. C. Sto Amaro
  • Postcode: 1300-472
  • City: Lisboa
  • District: Lisboa


  • Ricardo Almeida
  • Telephone: 214850253