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Algarve - Tavira Island

Algarve - Tavira Island



The beach is located at the eastern end of Ilha de Tavira, close to Barra do Cochicho, right in front of the city of Tavira itself. Access is by boat from the Cais das Quatro Águas, in Tavira, but the journey does not take long and there are even some people who prefer to swim out to the island. The route to the quayside accompanies the River Gilão and the artisanal fishing fleet that sails up and down the river or just rests there, as well as extensive areas of salt-pans, where black-winged stilts, small birds similar to miniature white storks, can be seen feeding. This is the more densely populated part of the Ilha de Tavira, with various holiday homes, a campsite and all kinds of tourist facilities in the surrounding area, including various bars on the beach itself. It is also possible to find local support for a range of water sports and even for cruises around the Ria Formosa. On the side of the island facing the Ria, the water quality is good, and children in particular appreciate the warm still waters of the lagoon, as well as the facilities provided for diving.

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