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Lousã, Coimbra

Walking through the village is a physical and sensory experience. At every step there is a nook, a blind alley, something that one does not know whether it was put there by man or by nature. There are no dissonances. There is just the sound of tranquillity. As we enter Cerdeira, going down to the little brook, we are struck by the higgledy-piggledy buildings. The dominant tone of the schist is juxtaposed with the green of the slopes, the blue of the sky and the white of the clouds. The inhabitants of this and other villages must have attended the university of the mountains. The houses were built on a rocky hillside to avoid occupying the scarce flatter areas, which were given over to agriculture. A work of engineering surrounded the village with a staircase of terraces holding back the soil that rain and erosion carried down the slope. The siting and the architecture of the buildings seems to follow a plan that aims to astound twenty-first century visitors. Cerdeira is a magical place. At the entrance to the village, a small bridge leads us to a handful of houses peeping through the foliage. It seems like we are crossing the portal to a fantasy world. Everything appears perfect in this deeply romantic setting. The slate path points the way to a spring hidden among lush vegetation.

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