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Casal de São Simão

Casal de São Simão

Figueiró dos Vinhos

Casal de São Simão, Figueiró dos Vinhos

In this one-street village there is a new community spirit. Discover a village with only one street. With a spring that continuously intones its watery chant. With a chapel that tells us the legend of a saint. With a path that leads to the beach nestling in a cove in the Fragas de São Simão. Here there is also a Schist Villages Shop and an Association whose name coincides with what this village promises: that we are entering the Stone Refuges. This village has a new community spirit created by people who have restored the houses with their own hands. They are new villagers who have come from the city and brought new life to these parts. Every weekend and whenever they can manage it, they get together in each others’ houses and cooperate over meals, in building works, in socialising. "May those who come, come to do good", they seem to be telling us. And the appeal is irresistible ...A small village of just one street, basically built from quartzite. It is situated on one of the flanks of the quartzite ridge which gives rise to the Fragas de São Simão and has the oldest chapel in Figueiró dos Vinhos municipality. The village extends along a ridge almost parallel to the course of the Ribeira de Alge. The entrance to the village is at the highest end and the place ends where the slope made it difficult to continue the street.

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