Location: Portugal

Portugal is the location that can fit all your ideas, with a wide range of sets never further than a 2 hour drive. Find out more about the new rebate found program and all the reasons you should film with us.


Every scenery can be found in Portugal. Diversified natural parks, rocky mountains, clifs, plains, 800km of different seaside profiles, several types of forests, blue waters, islands - an incredible landscape variety concentrated in a medium size European country.

Urban modern areas, heritage buildings, dozens of castles and palaces, unique villages - with more than 5000 classified monuments, Roman, Medieval, Mozarabic, Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Modern and Contemporary architecture can be found a few steps away from each other. Historical Buildings, gardens and skyscrapers live peacefully together, making time travel seem possible.

Find the calmest plains or the wildest shores, villages or busy cities, under different climates and a generous, unique light, all in the same country.


Mild average temperatures and 276 average annual sunshine hours (Lisbon 2015) allow you to plan your shooting days knowing that light will be on your side.

A peaceful and open country

Portugal ranks very high in the Global Peace Index (5th best in the world in the 2016 index).

The country and its population have a reputation of cosmopolitanism, mutual respect and openness to foreigners. Multiethnicity is a centuries-long characteristic of Portuguese society and culture.


Portugal has one of the best road networks in the world (9th place in the World Economic Forum ranking, with 2737km of highways)

With three international airports in the mainland: Oporto (North), Lisbon (Centre) and Faro (South) and several international airports in the Azores and Madeira islands, flying to and from Portugal is easy and you will never be more than 2-3 hours from an international airport.

The country is fully covered by gG networks, internet is virtually available everywhere with high speed connections and widely available free wi-fi hotspots in urban areas.

World class five-star hotels and all ratings hotels, hostels or private apartments are spread around the whole territory with great cost/quality ratio.

For longer stays or other crew necessities the rental market is vibrant and dynamic with thousands or offers of all types of accommodation.

You will feel at home.


With an extensive network of universities and film schools and decades of experience hosting foreign productions and working in coproduction, Portugal offers a competitive human resources basis for the film industry. You can easily find highly qualified people for all departments of a film production, with international experience in working with professionals from around the world, communicating in English.

Portuguese talents and crews are renowned for their excellent team spirit and adaptability to any type of national or international projects.

Almost 60% of the population speaks at least one foreign language.