• 11 Million Gentle and hard working people
  • Over 20 Centuries of History
  • 92 Thousand kms - Close Distances between locations
  • 7 regions - Constant Diversity in one country

PICPortugal at India International Film Tourism Conclave (IIFTC) 2017

Intense days in Mombai at India International Film Tourism Conclave (IIFTC) 2017 with #Tourism and #Cinema always on the agenda. The finest talent and the biggest production houses in India under one roof presenting an exciting opportunity for tourism boards, film commissions & production services companies around the world, including PICPortugal.com.

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Everywhere is near

Portugal is the location that can fit all your ideas, with a wide range of sets never further than a 2 hour drive. Find out more about the new tax incentive and all the reasons you should film here at picportugal.com.

On February 11th, the Film and Audiovisual Institute (ICA) will take advantage of its presence at Berlinale to present a new film production tax incentive to the international filmmaking community, just weeks before its entry into force.

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